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Ashland Youth Ministry

The purpose of Ashland's youth ministry follows the purpose of Ashland United Methodist Church - to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ in authentic community for the good of the world. We want to help youth follow Christ.

It is our goal to help youth know they are loved by God and the people of Ashland and develop a finish-line faith of their own that sticks. Ashland Youth Ministry utilizies programming such as Sunday School, Wednesday Night Youth Group, and a variety of Activities that balance fun, fellowship, faith-building, and service to accomplish this goal.

We believe parents are the biggest influence on a teen's faith, and so we encourage parents to travel along in their youth's spiritual journey and be encouraged by other parents traveling along as well.

If you would like to know more about Ashland's Youth Ministry or are interested in helping in the ministry, please contact:

Amy Grooms

Director of Youth Ministries


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Ashland United Methodist Church  *  2711 Ashland Avenue  *  St. Joseph, MO  64506  *  (816)-279-7419

Sunday Morning Worship Times  *  8:00  *  9:00  *  11:00