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Believe the Unbelievable

Believe the Unbelievable

 In the final sermon in our "Believe the Unbelievable" series, Pastor Doug Walter for Ashland UMC in St. Joseph, MO brings a message on December 24 about "Wise Guys and Starry Skies", focusing on the wise men of the nativity story.

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The old year closes and the New Year begins and our thoughts turn to resolutions. New Year's Eve is the flashpoint; we are going to change our life. How many times have you made a resolution only to abandon it before January comes to an end? We are going to explore the top 6 resolutions people make and how we might turn our resolutions into reality. The Bible is a wonderful resource to make the changes we want to make. Wwe are not the first to struggle with change. How can our faith infor our future; what does God have to offer in our desire to turn resolutions into realities. If you really want to make your resolutions a reality this might just be the ticket. We hope you will join us as we step into 2018 together.  




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