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Believe the Unbelievable

Believe the Unbelievable

Shaun Agnew, Director of Worship Arts and Web Ministries, brings the first message in our Advent sermon series, "Believe the Unbelievable". Looking at the figures in the nativity story and how they responded to God's will and their place in the story can give us insight into strengthening our faith.

This week's message on December 3, 2017 focuses on the earthly father of Jesus, Joseph.

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How many times have we said, "I can't believe it?" There are things that happen in life and in faith that astonish us. During Advent we will be looking at how the first witnesses to the birth were astonished by this movement of God. They had to be saying, "I can't believe it?" What gave them the ability to believe the unbelievable? This Advent we will discover how those first witnesses came to believe the unbelievable and what those insights mean to us. Join us this month as we discover how to "Believe the Unbelievable." 




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