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There is No Such Thing as a Little Freedom

There is No Such Thing as a Little Freedom

 Pastor Doug Walter continues in our new Walter Cronkite series on September 3, 2017. This week's quote is "You can't have a little freedom"; Pastor Doug draws connection between this thought and our faith: you can't have a little faith.

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The “most trusted man in America” was how Walter Cronkite was addressed and remembered.  Cronkite was been no measure a theologian, but he was a person of insight and common sense.  The sermon series “And that’s the way it is.” provides a lens for examining our faith.  We look at the Scriptural underpinning which provides truth and direction.  Cronkite was known for being simple, straight forward, economic, fair, and honest.  We will take his sayings and turn to Scripture with the same heart he brought to his reporting.  The next few weeks we will commit ourselves to what Godhas to say because, “That’s the way it is.”   




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