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Mother's Day Out

School Year Session

(Ages 6 weeks through Pre-K) This session begins the last week in August and runs through May. The program is open on Tuesdays and/or Fridays. MDO operates on the St. Joseph School District schedule. If they are closed an entire day because of snow then we will also be closed. You will NOT hear MDO as a separate listing on the television or radio. If the district calls an early-out because of weather, we will remain open our regular hours. We do not want you to rush to pick up everyone when the roads are bad.

Summer Session

(Ages 6 weeks through 2nd grade) This session begins the first week of June and runs through the first week of August. The summer program is open on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays

What We Do...

We have "theme days" or units in which the children learn about colors, shapes, numbers, animals, weather, safety, Bible stories, etc.

All the classes join together for music from 11:00-11:20 each day, where we sing and move to music.

Our facilities include an enclosed outdoor courtyard complete with Little Tykes playground equipment, and a large in-door room where we can work on gross motor skills. 



$25 - Registration fee per session

$18 - Fee per child per day

Session Dates

School year session runs August 23-May 12.

Summer session begins May 31rd  and ends on August 4th.

Summer session is Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

More Information

Contact Kathy Cordero at the church office or call 279-0372

What to Bring...

We do not provide lunch during Mother's Day Out so we ask you pack a lunch, drink included, for your child. We also do not have refrigerators available (except in the nursery) so ice packs or non-refrigerated food items are good ideas. We also ask that you bring an extra change of clothes even in your child is potty trained. Accidents do happen occasionally. 

We have a set nap time for the children. Although we have plastic rest mats for them, we have found that children rest much better if they have a sleeping bag, bed roll, or favorite blanket that they may lay on as well. Please label everything you bring to MDO.

About Our Staff...

We are staffed with loving caregivers that not only care for the children, but teach them how to treat each other with love and respect. Many of them are veterans in the program having been with us for over 10 years. For the safety of the children, all of our employees have undergone background checks and are all physically capable of caring for your children.

Ashland MDO is a license-exempt organization. We comply with all of the state rules and regulations for license-exempt organizations. We have annual fire and safety inspections and are also subject to yearly inspections by the Bureau of Child Care. MDO is equipped with both smoke and carbon monoxide detection systems. In addition, we practice monthly tornado and fire drills.


Ashland United Methodist Church  *  2711 Ashland Avenue  *  St. Joseph, MO  64506  *  (816)-279-7419

Sunday Morning Worship Times  *  8:00  *  9:00  *  11:00