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The Mosaic

The Last Supper Mosaic is a signature art work for Ashland United Methodist Church. Began in 1964 and completed in 1966, it took eighteen months and ten days to complete. Sitting 6'9" high and 14' wide and weighing over 1 ton, the mosaic is composed of 120,000 pieces of Venetian glass tile from all over the United States and encompassing 64 colors and glued together with nearly 8 gallons of Elmer's Glue. The project was organized and managed by local artist and Ashland member, Al Kost, with help by Louise Hees and photographer, Fred Laurent. The Singles Club of St. Joseph provided many of the 5000 man hours needed to complete the project, along with the Wesleyan Sunday School Class. Al Kost spent nearly 1500 hours by himself. 


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